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About Us


Hardware Hank of Anaconda has served the local community for decades, since before the Messer family moved from North Dakota in 1962 to take over what was then known as the "Coast to Coast" store. When they first arrived, Coast to Coast was located on E Park Street in Anaconda, later moving to the location of the current Donivan's Restaurant. By 1974, though, Coast to Coast had found its home in its current location downtown. 

Early Days: Deep Roots


A Family Tradition

In 1995, the Messer's son (Blaine) and daughter-in-law (Janet) ​purchased the store, as it simultaneously underwent a branding from Coast to Coast to its current name of Hardware Hank of Anaconda. Blaine and Janet worked 6 days a week, putting their heart and soul into the store and community, and finding the people of Anaconda to be good and loyal customers over their 25 years of ownership. 


Keeping the Legacy Alive

In 2021, Hardware Hank was purchased by Goodworks Evergreen, who has kept the doors open and plan to keep the tradition of wonderful service and community relationships alive and thriving. 

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